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My Story

Since young I always dreamed to be a MUSIC teacher, which I became at 22.  Born in the Netherlands, played the piano, sang in the school choir. . I experience  joy, love and passion in music. There fore you could  say I am an 'musical 'empath.

During my youth I discovered my psychic, or clear voyant 'seeing' abilities.I recognized the healing effects from music on a deeper level. By singing mantra's and playing the Native- American flute, -drums and piano I connect to deep life-, soul or mental  issues of people.

 I studied music- education , singing ,  dance expression, drama,  music therapy, meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Non- Violent Communication, N.L.P. Coaching, Sjamanism, Reiki and Sound healing .  

I believe that, next to music,  Joy is the main drive of my life. I love to coach, feel passioned and honoured to help and support others. N' Joy is  also the name of my company....

I live on a very nice sunny island called Curacao with a beautiful nature, an enormous place of  healing.  I love to do nature shamanistic tours on the special power places, near vortexes, chakra's,  (of course with singing, meditations ) 

Image by Jorgen Hendriksen
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