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From 7 years old children start with the hal Leonard method for piano. We use 4 books and 2 for adults. 

I teach you how to learn to play musical notes , play the piano as quickly as possible. In addition to learning which note on paper equals the note on the piano, this means that you have to learn to move your hands and fingers independently of each other .

Singing lessons are individual and give students the opportunity to build their confidence in using their own voice. Using your voice properly also means learning to breathe properly. ... The singing lessons made you breathe more consciously, slower and more controlled. your body can agree very well with that and slowly surges along with it. Breathing differently changed not only your singing voice, but also your speaking voice. By singing technics, and singing more difficult songs you can learn how to interpret musical styles. reading the notes also is part of it. but FUN is the morst important thing.

Imagine standing in a room full of people and singing out your best and loudest. For many, that's the theme of their worst nightmares. However, vocal lessons can change that fear, and give you the extra push you need to build your confidence.

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