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What is sound healing?

The basic principle of sound healing is the concept of resonance (the vibration frequency of an object) The entire universe is in a state of vibration. Everything we feel, see and touch is pure energy, every small particle vibrates at a certain frequency. This includes human beings, every organ, cell, bone, tissue and fluid of the body and the electromagnetic fields surrounding the body have a healthy vibrational frequency. If we don't resonate with any part of ourselves or our environment, we become dissonant and therefore unhealthy, our naturally healthy frequency becomes that vibrates without harmony causing illness.



Chakra healings session:


By pendeling the chakras we can see the  healthy-ness and blockages of them.     While  you lay down, I play music, and sing primordial sounds with exactly the same  frequencies  tuning into  the chakras.

the tuning (ohm) forks , bowls, rattles and Indian flute are also part of this session, they help you heal  in a very direct way. ​

You will  learn to get insight in the reasons and causes of your condition, problems or difficulties.

you will experience healing and relieve. afterwards we'll talk about your life themes and challenges

and I will lead / coach you to feel the joy and fullness of life .

Other activities 

​Rebirthing tour

Connecting to a special place near Hato, at 'Roi Rincon', a beautiful walk and visit to 3 different caves, the fire cave, the shaman cave, and the rebirthing cave. During the tour I sing and play the Indian flute and lead you on your way losing old patterns and believes, manifesting new ones.

Women circle:

Full moon meditation : 

in combination with yoga, we meditate from themes every month connecting to the astrological 'meter'. Of course with chanting and mantra singing.

Outside  activities :

1. Visiting San Pedro (north-side) for a cleansing tour, starting with a meditation and sharing what has to be"cleansed" and cleaned ....while doing the ritual cleansing of the two old Indian ladies. 

2. Visiting the cave 'Tomasita' at Kura Hulanda, Bandabou.

for a ritual women celebration and connecting to the healing water of the sea inside the cave.

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